Tribute to Bangabandhu


Fulfill his ideals to repay our debt to him

We mourn this day as we have done since that dark night of 15th August forty one years ago, when Bangabandhu along with all but two of his family members were brutally killed. It was a day when the spirit of the nation was snatched from its body.

The derailment caused by the painful development of 15th August 1975 had had the most harmful consequence on the political culture of the country. The period that followed had put this country back several decades in its march towards democracy and development caused by autocratic and pseudo democratic dispensation which engendered continuous flux in the society. And the worst of everything that we witnessed during this time was the most despicable indemnity ordinance promulgated to shield the killers of Bangabandhu and his family. That aberration has been righted by the government of Sheikh Hasina and most of the killers have been bought to justice through a long drawn but established legal process. The rest of the killers must face the law too.

Bangabandhu belongs as much to the people of Bangladesh, cutting across party lines, as to history, and while we mourn his death, we must not forget the cause for which he sacrificed his life. His memory must inspire us to do more and achieve more. And the only way we can repay our debt to him is to work towards fulfilling the aspirations of the people based on the noble principles of the War of Liberation, a goal Bangabandhu had devoted his life for. That is the pledge we must make today.